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A little history

The original title of the show was Boys Will Be Boys: Tales of Male Folly. It was meant to be a spit-take; a tongue-and-cheek examination of male stupidity, totally embracing men as a lesser sex. However, after some careful consideration, as the fires of the #MeToo movement were heating up, we dropped the "Boys Will Be Boys," and just called it "Tales of Male Folly." The reality was, in regards to masculinity, and its toxic deviations, the idea of a cultural critique being tongue-and-cheek wasn't enough editorial anymore. "Tales of Male Folly" became a way for us to poke fun at ourselves, and take responsibility for what we represented.

After the last few years, though, none of that was even enough. Total inclusivity has become the only true way to host a creative revolution, so we changed our name to "Tales of Our Folly," and now we address the foibles and shames of humankind. If we can be ashamed together, we can rise up together.


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