First of all, on behalf of TALES OF MALE FOLLY, let me say how very much I appreciate everyone who has contributed to its development in any way, as well as any of you who have merely A.) “liked” our Facebook page; B.) come to one of our live shows; C.) listened to our podcast; D.) read our blog; E.) are thinking about coming to our live show, or submitting to our blog; F.) or support or have supported our partner, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about right now, TALES OF MALE FOLLY is a live storytelling show wherein four adult men share stories of embarrassment and shame due to the inherent nature of being men. The show is produced bi-monthly (every other month) at The Virgil on Santa Monica Boulevard, a venue that continues to be the most gracious host. This last January we celebrated our 12th show, which, for me, marked a symbolic “year," on May 30th, we will produce our 14th.

The show began at Comedy Central Stage, thanks to the encouragement of Artistic Director, Paul Stein. Over the course of the last couple years, the show has been lucky enough to make a home at The Virgil, and to host nearly 40 of LA’s best actors, writers, comedians, directors, producers, animators, filmmakers, and musicians, all men, and all who have ranged from first-time storytellers to seasoned veterans of the craft.

Overwhelmingly, the response to the show, both in numbers and critical feedback, continues to be inspiring, so I thank you for that, as well. Additionally, I'm honored to be partnered in this endeavor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles.

Currently, my producing partner, Brian Weiss, writing partner, Alex Gradet, and I, maintain the live show, the podcast, a Facebook page, a Tumblr page, an Instagram profile, as well as this brand-new website and its blog. 

In a city like LA, the reluctance to change a thing once it really starts gaining traction is due to a matter of overwhelming fear. No matter what the thing is, getting LA’s attention is difficult, and once you have it, if you don't keep reminding it that it exists, it will easily forget. However, last November, 2016, I felt a moral imperative to distance the show from its original name, BOYS WILL BE BOYS.

During the period of inception, that original title of the show was, at best, an afterthought, for a period of time, seemed innocuous to me. Perhaps I never thought the show would last. The name BOYS WILL BE BOYS originally meant to reinforce what I'd hoped our stories would showcase: the imbecilic and oftentimes futile nature of male behavior.

But the phrase BOYS WILL BE BOYS, now and maybe always has, carried a dark stigma. Although the ominous culture behind it is not new, it has recently received broad-based attention, due, in part, the election of Donald Trump as president. This "brute culture" is the byproduct of systemic misogyny, which I will not tolerate, and the perpetuation of which is beyond reproach. Therefore, we will now and forever abandon any relationship with the phrase BOYS WILL BGE BOYS and I apologize if, at any point, it offended or elicited any understandably negative connotations.

TALES OF MALE FOLLY seeks to prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that there are still good men out there.

Thank you for all your support, and I hope to see you at the next show.