Hey, y’all. This is Joe Tower.

What you'll find here is a little treatise on some changes we’re making at Tales of Male Folly, in the hopes that we can better reflect what we think everybody wants, and also, based on what the fuck is going on in the world around us.

First, Tales of Male Folly will now alternate the lineups of our live shows with all-male and all-female performers. There may even be times where, I dunno, we are predominantly or perhaps forever all-female, so just, like, stay on your toes. We choose to be on the right side of this goddamn revolution, you guys.

In addition, we’re adding a bonus feature to our podcast: each month, we’ll release the usual two new storytelling episodes, by two new storytellers, recorded live at one of our past shows, but, also, we’ll be releasing a third and additional episode -- a one-on-one conversation between me and a past or current performer, who, for whatever reason, needs a little more time at the mic. The hope is the episodes revolve around a discussion about a specific tale of folly, as well as the role both tales and folly play in all our lives.

They say a good rule of thumb for the persistence of a thing is to have a theme and stick to it, so your audience can count on what it is you have to deliver. But when we started this storytelling show almost three years ago –- as a sort of surface-level laugh about dudes –- we had no idea what would be the dire state of things today.

So, I think a good rule of thumb for the persistence of this thing is to evolve with the times. And if that means we’re an all-male storytelling show that’s suddenly now female, so be it.

What we have to deliver is stories. Stories that offer a certain brand of shameful reliability. Shame around the choices we’ve made in our lives that aren’t the proud, valiant, admirable choices. But, rather, the self-serving and stupid choices of the asshole, the idiot, or the buffoon; of the simple-minded human who, in that particular moment, was just trying to get through it all, man.

Bottom line is: it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone's got a real good story about doing dumb shit.